Founded by boat lovers, Rinker holds a big belief in value and attention to detail and getting more than you pay for, and most important a passion for boating.  Rinkers are built in America by professional craftsmen utilizing high end materials for a fraction of the cost. They are known for their timeless, classic style and have a cutting edge design in the boating industry.


Model Lists
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EX Models

  • 270EX
  • 290EX
  • 320EX
  • 370EX

MTX Models

  • 20MTX
  • 22MTX
  • 22MTXCC

Q Models

  • Q3 OB
  • Q5 OB
  • Q5 BR
  • Q7 OB
  • Q7 BR

QX Models

  • 17QX OB
  • 18QX BR
  • 18QX OB
  • 19QX BR
  • 19QX OB
  • 21QX BR
  • 23QX BR
  • 23QX CC
  • 26QX BR
  • 26QX CC
  • 29QX
  • 29QX CC